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About Logos Instituut

Logos Instituut is a Dutch institute for creationism in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over the last decade theistic evolution and other unbiblical ideas have invaded Dutch churches. We equip Christians through our website, videos, podcasts, books, lectures, field trips and magazine.

Our mission is to show that the Bible is trustworthy and a source of knowledge for the past, present and future. We show that God’s Word can indeed be trusted as a source for teaching, refuting and educating. Logos Institute provides good answers for doubters, following the example of Jesus, Who made Thomas feel His wounds and gave the Emmaus disciples answers to their questions from Scripture.
By faith we know that the world was made by God’s Word. We believe that visible reality can also be explained from this science.
Our mission statement:
Clear answers to big questions about Bible, faith and science

International collaborations

Logos Instituut has collaborations with Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, International Creation Research, Wort und Wissen (German) and others.

Some of our livestreams have been in the English language. We hosted dr. Todd Wood, dr. Jason Lisle, dr. Matthew McClain, dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, dr. Cornelis van Dam, Paul Garner and dr. James Tour. If you want to give a lecture through a livestream, feel free to contact us at info@logos.nl.

Together with Paul Garner (Biblical Creation Trust in the United Kingdom) we translated and published Paul’s latest book ‘Fossils and the Flood’ in the Netherlands. Already more than 1000 copies have been sold. In our webshop (www.webshop.logos.nl) we sell many creationistic books that have been translated from English or German.

Please contact us through info@logos.nl if you want to attribute in any way to make creationism more visible in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Logos Instituut is where teachers and students can find supplements to existing teaching materials. What does the Bible say about this topic? How did it really happen? Logos Instituut helps you find the answers.


Logos Institute helps give your children a good foundation. How do I read the Bible? How do others view the Bible? Why is the Bible reliable?


Logos Institute provides a meeting place for student and scholar. Science & Bible, how do you integrate the two? How do other scientists deal with the same questions?

What we believe

  • We stand in the tradition of the Apostles’ Creed.
  • We adhere to the tradition that Genesis can be read as a reliable history of our origins. This provides a reliable framework for scientific research.
  • Facts are always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not have all the information. Therefore, no interpretation of facts in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record.
  • God reveals to us from His Word:
    • That the creation of the universe was completed in six days, not more than a few thousand years ago.
    • That Adam and Eve are our first ancestors from whom all human beings evolved.
    • That because of the Fall, creation went into a fallen state, a state of corruption.
    • That there was a global flood that destroyed the entire world of the time.
  • Because our knowing is still only partial, because there is always advancing insight, God’s revelation is progressing within the Bible, and because our minds are tainted by the Fall, we will always have to have an attitude of dependence on God and one another, of humility and respect toward our fellow man. It is with all the saints together that we can grasp something of God (Eph. 3:8 and 1 Cor. 13:9 and 12).
  • We accept that there are different models for the earliest history of the earth among Christians who accept the above. We, as Logos Instituut, do not want to make a final judgment on these distinct models, but to encourage dialogue and research.


We currently have 1,5 FTE of paid staff and would like to briefly introduce them.

Albert Holtvluwer

Jan Willem Slager

Parttime director

Jan Willem Slager from Goes studied civil engineering and later theology in Utrecht. Since October 2023, Jan Willem has been combining his current part-time work as an Old
Testament/Bible teacher with the new position as director at the Logos Institute. Years of experience at Rijkswaterstaat in management and communication come in handy in his new position.

“My passion is, in dependence on Jesus Christ, to make God’s Word ring clear. Bringing people closer to Jesus, who is the Head of the church, His Body.”

Erika de Stigter

Erika de Stigter

Parttime employee

Erika de Stigter from Rotterdam has studied International Development Studies and completed a two-year Bibleschoolprogramm. Since April 2020, Erika has been working part-time at Logos Instituut. In addition to final editor of our magazine Bijbelvast (title meaning: clinging to the Bible), she is involved in Social Media, among other things.
She has a heart for Biblical truth and evangelism and loves to pass this on to others. “I hope Logos Instituut will contribute to more faithful Christians in the Netherlands, and help Christians witness to the Truth.”


jan van de beek

Jan van de Beek

Parttime speaker

Jan van de Beek worked as a missionary with street children in Brazil, then worked in education and has been self-employed for the last few years. He has studied theology and is almost finished studying Apologetics at ICR. 

“We cannot prove the existence of God but there are tremendously good arguments to believe in Him, I love passing on this knowledge. Psalm 111:2 says: “The works of the Lord are great; they are examined by all who find joy in them”‘”

Albert Holtvluwer

Albert Holtvluwer

Parttime employee

Albert Holtvluwer from Baarn studied HBO Leisure Management and has worked at pro-life organization Schreeuw om Leven for the past 5 years. Since October 2021 he has been working part-time at Logos Instituut in the field of office and event management.

“My motivation for getting involved with the Logos Instituut is in the Word ‘logos’. You read it correctly. Word with a capital letter, as in John 1. Getting to know and follow Jesus is what I wish for everyone!”


Logos Institute was founded in 2015. Some Christians active in the fields of faith & science had the desire to join forces and establish a apologetics center together for Dutch-speakers. Thus Logos Institute was founded, as a broad-apologetic center, with a focus on Genesis 1-11.

Logos began with one full-time staff member, Jan van Meerten. In 2016, the current office in De Bilt was inaugurated. Two new staff members were hired in 2019 and will be part-time employees beginning in 2020. In August 2021, Jan van Meerten retired by mutual agreement. Kees van Helden served as director from August 2021 to July 2023. In october 2023 Jan Willem Slager became the new director.